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One of the key benefits of working with Convert as an established Health, Safety and wellbeing recruiter is that we can penetrate passive candidate markets when there is a vacancy you just cannot fill.  Convert can re-energise your search and we are able to reach a well vetted audience in a super controlled way.  


Our success is built on the detail and ensuring channels of communication are always open, our aim is to provide our clients in all sectors with our total commitment to the success of your specialist recruitment campaigns and filling your vacancies. 


Convert always strive to make it an enjoyable process along the way!  And our high volume of referral business reflects this. 


Here are some stats; -  


  • 89% of Convert’s PLACED candidates are still in the same job three years on.  
  • 76% of the CVs we send to our clients secure an interview for our candidates.  
  • 28 days is our average time to obtain a job offer and acceptance for client and candidate.  
  • 30% of our candidates placed had been passively looking – we are tenacious and draw on our successful network and effective specialist resourcing tools.   
  • 100% of our candidates submitted for vacancies will be thoroughly interviewed and qualifications checked. 


Convert have the genuine passion and drive to provide return on your recruitment budget investment. 


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