TRUSTED permanent recruiter of HSE professionals

  Members of REC since 2004 :- Recruitment and Employment Confederation

By engaging with a supplier who has the depth of recruitment knowledge and industry sector expertise that is available from Convert Recruitment. You work with a recruiter you can trust.

Trust in what we say and how we deliver  

Through consistent, open and honest dialogue we aspire to understand your business pressure and our aim is to provide peace of mind allowing you to:-


  • Focus on other business priorities
  • Make more informed recruitment decisions
  • Reduce the "pressure to fill"
  • Maintain ethical business process


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BESPOKE permanent recruitment solutions

As a niche supplier we partner with clients searching for a "one-off" or bespoke recruitment solution outside usual practices. 

We provide a solution led service sourcing candidates to fill the skills gap within HSE departments.

If you have already started your recruitment process or have identified a problem attracting the right talent then convert can provide a focused, energised and dedicated external team poised to explore the market.
The benefits of our bespoke services are: -
  • Effective use of time in selecting candidates
  • Increased supply of accurate candidate matching & screening
  • Maximising precious interview time with candidates
  • Improved recruitment workflow KPI's
  • Enabling more informed decisions
  • Motivated, prepared and fully briefed candidates
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Flexibility to your business processes


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Teamwork - convert are unique


When you engage with us individually you will also receive the support of our full team. We will  provide you with our wealth of recruitment experience, HSE industry knowledge and expertise.

  • Three expert HSEQ recruiters responding and supporting
  • One call - One main contact
  • Sharing information to improve delivery
  • Intellectual energy in advanced resourcing techniques
  • Effective and thorough through our collaborative approach
  • In depth specialist recruitment knowledge
  • Sharing our HSEQ sector knowledge
Our drive and motivation are simple:-
  • We do not measure ourselves by the number of CV's we send or the emails we distribute.
  • We provide an honest and realistic update during the process. 
Our focus is to help you fill vacancies ! 
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our services

our permanent HSEQ recruitment service

As the competition for talent increases, finding the right people for your organisation is as challenging as it has ever been! With the high levels of employment, sophisticated digital solutions, online market and an ever-increasing selection of AI recruitment technology, all making skills acquisition increasingly complex.


Convert recruitment provide an ‘oasis’ to clients looking to interview relevant and motivated candidates in an engaging and cost-effective method.

pre-screened candidates

  • Relevant CV's for screened candidates 
  • Improved workflows
  • Reduced time in selecting candidates
  • Increased supply of accurate candidate matching
  • Reduce the energy & time of irrelevant interviews

responsive feedback

  • A pro-active, focused and honest approach
  • NO pressure to send CVs' - just to hit targets! 
  • Produce strong relevant candidates
  • Tap into up-to-date and market led HSE recruitment intelligence

extended reach to candidates

  • ‘Untapped’ passive looking candidates
  • Substantial increase of successful outcomes
  • Improved longevity of service
  • Reduced attrition rate


 Members of REC since 2004 :- Recruitment and Employment Confederation

Being a member of the REC means being among the best!! All corporate members abide by a code of professional recruitment practice


Trusted | Bespoke | 1 = 3 = Teamwork